Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mike! I found the chocolate pudding!!

Last week., Bosslady was away in Europe. So naturally, Bossman and I reverted to childish behaviour for the entirety of the week. We gorged ourselves on all the gift baskets we received, played with the office toys, and did not put together the new table.

(emailed to Bosslady when she got back.)

I cleaned out Bossman's mailbox and found an unused $100 gift card from Urban Outfitters. Normally I would never buy anything from them, but hey free money. I got Ziggy Stardust on vinyl and a nice landscape curtain to hang over the bedroom closet.

We had quite a nice Christmas this year. The usual crowd--Mumsy, myself, and Lil Sis, plus Big Sis#2 with Niecey G and Useless-in-Law, the Jewish Orphans, and M. There was a highly entertaining moment in which Useless-in-Law turned off the stupid Christmas movies so he could watch Nascar, and he was promptly disciplined by Mum, who put the Christmassy stuff back on.*

From Santa, Mich received some records, a storage box for said records, a remote controlled BB-8, a Gryffindor bathrobe,** and a cheapie left-handed violin.***

Mum had the best Christmas yet, I think. She got a giant television for her bedroom, a bunch of classic country CD's, a painting of the view from my grandmother's bedroom window (painted by me), and tickets to see Kris Kristofferson at the end of January.

Harleyquinn escaped and climbed the fake tree.

(I brought them along for the couple days at Mum's****, but because Simple Cat and Daisy do not get along, my cats had to be shut in downstairs.)

The day after Christmas, Daisy knocked over the giant bouquet of roses we had on the table, soaking two of the dining room chairs. She also ate a good number of rose petals and immediately vomited them up beside the tipped over flowers.

Daisy loves bingeing and purging flowers. And plants in general. She once binged and purged an entire bonsai tree.

I will probably be eating leftover turkey for the next month. It turned out fantastic, as I cooked it upside-down, which is the only way to roast a turkey.

Y'all do anything exciting over the holidays?

*We love our stupid Christmas movies.

**It is beyond fantastic.

***I'm sure my neighbours will be thrilled by this.

****Simple Cat hOwLeD for literally all of the hour+ car ride.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

My drive to work this morning:

That haze is not fog, it is actually so much snow I could barely see the car in front of me.

Yes, I was using my phone whilst driving. But I am always sure to make certain there are no cars beside or behind me so that if I should hit a deer, I won't ruin anyone else's day.*

I do not understand the weather.

My new license plates finally arrived.

I'll let y'all work that one out yourselves.

The Simple Cat has discovered that heat comes out of the vent above the stove when the oven is on.

It is now her favourite sleeping spot. 

^I posted that picture in a facebook group (of which I am no longer a member) for crazy cat ladies and was more or less crucified for it. It's so upsetting!! How could I do that to my cat?!?! 

Yes, I am that freaking stupid that I would allow my cat to get burned. 

I f**king hate everyone seriously

This coming Sunday is Ugly Sweater Day at church. I have sacrificed my own sweater, which is the ugliest sweater in creation, for Lil Bro#2 to wear. 

He has actually been wearing it out in public and it is now his favourite article of clothing.

Earlier this week, Lil Bro#2 reviewed Fatal Attraction.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and I don't even care. I decorated Mum's house and put up her tree, threw some fairy lights around the apartment, and decorated the office, but I'm just not feeling it.

The office dog even got decorated.

Listen to this band, they are phenomenal:

*At this point, I am fairly certain that I am unkillable. After 3 attempts, one unintentional overdose, thousands of accumulated prayers for death, and countless accidents that would have given the Lord ample opportunity to kill me, I somehow remain alive. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Comfort Films

I stole this from Wandering Through the Shelves because I love this week's theme.

Comfort Films. 

I have lots of comfort films--movies I could watch over and over and over and over without ever getting tired of them. Some are just general comfort films, and some are watched for specific reasons. I'll start with the general all-purpose comfort films.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I LOVE Star Wars*. And this episode is definitely my fav, followed closely by A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back (I tend to get bored halfway through Return of the Jedi; The Phantom Menace is ok I guess; The Clone Wars is a f**king mess; and the first half of Revenge of the Sith is garbage, but the second half is alright I guess).

We recently ordered a voice-controlled BB8 for the office. Videos shall be posted forthwith. BB8 is the best in the world ever.

impulsive purchases from M.'s birthday trip to Walmart

......anyway, moving on...


Everything about this movie is perfect.

The Princess Bride

I can actually recite this entire movie from start to finish.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

All the Coen Brothers films are amazing (except Burn After Reading, which is trash), but this one is my fav.

Now some comfort movies for specific occasions:

Christmas - Harry Potter Number 1

I'm not sure when or why this became our family's Christmas movie, but for some years now we always watch it after Christmas dinner.

Sick Days

If I am super duper sick and bed-ridden (which does not occur often), I am probably watching one of two films.

She Devil
 (if you've never seen this, you need to immediately)


Death Becomes Her

Worth watching for Isabella Rossellini alone.

What about the rest of y'all? What are your comfort movies?

*For some reason, most people are extremely surprised by this.