Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Howdy y'all. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. We had a pretty quiet Christmas this year--just Mumsy, me, Lil Sis, Big Sis#2, Useless-in-Law, and Niecey G.

I have a new bass.

(Lil Bro#1 has a guitar that looks almost the same, which is called Ragnar. hence my bass has been christened Rollo.)

Rollo punched me in the face last night while I was trying to practice playing for church, so he is aptly named. That thing is friggin heavy.

I also got a MASSIVE supply of Sakura pens.

And Lil Sis got me a great colouring book, so I have been arting quite a bit.

Which has led me to steal Tempest's New Years resolutions from last year: Do no harm, take no shit, and make good art (whatever form that art may be).


I think I like a boy. And for once in.... ........... pretty much my entire life, he is not a manwhore, he is not an asshole, and (as far as I know, at least), he is not married or in a relationship. (I probably just jinxed myself saying/typing that out loud, but I can't keep this bottled up for any longer; I'm about to explode.

He's rather a bit older than I am, but at this stage I think it's a certainty that I will end up settling down with someone older (if I ever settle down....). He's not even that cute. I just like him a lot.

But being the most awkward person ever and just socially disabled in general, I don't know what to do. He is one of those people who never uses social media. I have his number because he's one of the drummers for the church band, but that's only because we do a lot of group messaging for the band. I want to ask one of the other bands members if he is in fact single, but that is a level of awkward from which I don't think I could easily recover.


Which means I'll probably sit in silence and do nothing.

So how were the holidays for the rest of you? Any exciting plans for New Years Eve? Mine will be unexciting, with just M., another friend, Lil Bro #2, and myself. We'll be eating a gourmet dinner of slow-cooked short ribs and my signature rosemary smashed red potatoes, plus playing Yoshi and Mortal Kombat on Nintendo 64. And lots of alcohol. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Daddy, I want another pony.

Remember when you were ten years old and there was that one thing that everyone just had to collect or be branded a loser forever?

Pogs are the first thing that springs to mind. I think I was like 9 or 10 when those exploded into popularity. (I had an amazing collection, too. It included a slammer made of steel that probably would have killed someone if thrown at them. Good times.)

And everyone remembers how hard it was to get a Tamagotchi when they first got popular. 

When I was twelve, the girls in my school collected digital pets to the point where you were a social pariah if you didn't have at least one each of a Tamagotchi, Giga Pet, Nano Baby, Raku Raku Dinokun, and a Digimon.

I had sort of forgotten these weird little fads existed until my niece gave us her Christmas wish list. Know what the big fad is currently amongst the middle schoolers in the tri-state area?

Hand sanitizer.


Specifically, mini hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works.

The kids collect these now. And the little holders you can get to clip them onto your backpack. 

you can fight other people for them on ebay

Lil Sis says the kids she babysits have like hundreds of them, with bunches attached to every zipper on their school bags. And it's pretty much all they want for Christmas.


What trends do you guys remember? And what are the kids around you collecting now? Have they, too, fallen victim to the hand sanitizer fad?

Have happy Christmas y'all. I start cooking tomorrow, beginning with the mince pies. I'm mixing it up a bit this year and replacing the brandy with expensive whiskey, so we shall see how they turn out........

Thursday, December 3, 2015

God rest ye merry hippogriffs

The Christmas season is upon us once again. We all know what that means.

My old cat, Callisto used to knock the tree down every year. (She always waited until the day after Christmas though, which was very considerate.)

As soon as the fake tree makes its appearance, Harleyquinn goes into permanent Crazy Time ModeThere is actually a flattened spot in the middle of the fake tree from her sleeping in it.

Ivy only tried climbing it once.

 Ivy, the simple cat does not like Christmas. She does not like anything that deviates from Normal. As in, the same people being in the house and the same daily routine for 2 days or more, 2 days being the limit of Ivy's memory. Currently, with me going up to stay at my Dad's from Friday to Sunday night, Ivy is having meltdowns all over the place. First on Saturday morning, when I have not returned. After a full day, she accepts that Mich is gone and never coming back, and thus accepts Mumsy as her new primary caretaker. When Mich returns from the dead on Sunday night, Ivy's whole world is shattered again, and it takes her another day and a half to recover.

So despite the fact that Ivy has experienced 2 Christmases before, she has no memory of it. On top of the decorations, Christmas means more people in the house. Ivy hides under my bed when strangers arrive. Even Lil Sis--when she comes home from college, it takes Ivy 2 days of hiding under the bed before she remembers that Lil Sis lives here.

As a result of all of this chaos, when I'm home (and once Ivy has remembered who I am), she follows me around the house at all times. She will cry if I shut her out of the bathroom. She will cry if she discovers I left the room and she didn't notice. And she will hover around my ankles and I'll forget she does that and

and I look down to see Ivy, extremely concerned.

On Tuesday night, I got drunk and decorated the living room. I think I may have gone a *tad* overboard.

I still cannot find the office decorations. I definitely remember, after taking all the decorations down last year, that I had this *~*BRILLIANT*~* notion with regard to the office decorations: I decided to put them away somewhere separate from the house decorations, so that I would have an easy time finding them this year instead of digging through all the boxes of household decorations. 

Guess what.

I totally forgot where I put them. I have searched the entire house.