Thursday, December 11, 2014

new things

Daisy is doing very well. I am over the moon with happiness. 

Some of y'all may have noticed that the title of the blog has changed. 

{ I apologize to any of you who dislike change. }

I've been debating it for some time. While this blog has held the title "Sick B*tch" for like 5 years and is thus well known by that name, I am sick of calling myself sick. Things are going extremely well in the ED recovery department, so I thought it was finally time to cast aside the "Sick" title for something better. 

Like my stage name. (For when my brothers and I take our musical genius on the road, under the name The Brooks Brothers and the Bastard Henry. Yes, I know, 'tis a brilliant band name.)

The URL will stay the same because I'm lazy and don't feel like learning to type something else.

New post(s) coming soon! I decorated for Christmas, so I might make another video.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I had to take an extra half our for lunch because I was sobbing with joy and had to calm down enough to return to the office. 

She's not 100% yet, but definitely improving. 

Thank you my friends for all of your kind words. <3

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


My cat is dying. 

I know Daisy is not exactly young at 14, but she was always pretty healthy. And then she got suddenly really sick over the weekend. I feel like it's all my fault for leaving her overnight on Thanksgiving, like maybe she ate too much too fast from the food I left for her, and was stressed out being alone. 

$4,000 spent at the vet and the emergency animal hospital, and she's not getting better. I took her home yesterday after 3 days in the hospital, as they said she might recover better in her own home. 

But she won't eat. Or drink water. And I feel like a horrible person every time I force her pain meds and appetite stimulant down her throat, and inject her with anti-nausea medicine. 

And now the vet says if she won't eat, then the only thing they can do is put in a feeding tube until she recovers, but the actual problem (pancreatitis) will never go away. 

So even if she does recover from this flare up, this could happen all over again. And again and again until it eventually kills her. 

I don't have money for the feeding tube. I am maxed out credit wise. And even if I did, I don't want to put poor Daisy through all that, especially if it might not even work.

I just don't know.