Thursday, September 30, 2010

Almond milk and vanilla-flavoured Splenda do not mix.

Seriously, it tastes like Play-doh. 

One more recipe, because I just made it last night! This is my signature dish (apparently). I memorized it from watching the chefs cook at the table in Japanese Hibachi restaurants. 

You will need:

I used broccoli, onion, orange peppers (usually I use red, but they had none), shitake mushrooms (just a little), and courgette/zucchini. I like to use seasonal veggies, but you can really use whatever the heck you want. I would recommend always starting with the onion, for flavor.

You don't have to use meat, but I like it. Sometimes I will use steak or chicken, but last night the sea scallops in the supermarket looked good, so I got a few of those (~40 cals per scallop). 

Rice is also optional, but when I first created this recipe the rice was the main attraction, because this is essentially a lesson on How To Make Asian-Style Fried Rice Without Clogging Your Arteries. (I made the rice last night for Little Sis, but did it in a separate pan because I am trying not to eat carbs.)

You will need Goya Medium Grain Rice.

If you are using rice, this is not optional. To get it to taste like Chinese fried rice or Japanese hibachi-style fried rice, you MUST use medium grain. 

This recipe is tricky as far as getting everything ready at the same time, but don't get frustrated - if you're okay combining the rice and veggies (and meat, if you're not a herbivore), then everything goes into the same pan at the end anyway, so you don't have to worry about anything getting cold.

You will also need at least one egg, and some version of soy and/or teriyaki sauce. Kikkoman seems to have the best selection of good stuff. I usually use just straight up teriyaki, but last night I opted for something new and it turned out pretty excellent. 

Start with the rice. You will need double the amount of water for however much rice you use (i.e., I cooked 1/2 cup of rice in 1 cup of water). Don't listen to anyone who tells you to put margarine or oil in it. It's a lie. To cook the rice, put the water and rice in a pot and bring it to a boil, stirring occasionally. Once it boils, cover the top of the pot, reduce it to a simmer, and DO NOT TOUCH THE RICE FOR 20 MINUTES. I have watched many people ruin a perfectly good pot of rice because they just can't help themselves - they feel the need to stir it. Just leave it alone. It knows what it's doing. 
After 20 minutes, check and see if it's done, and take it off the stove. Set it aside until you need it.

For the meat--I always sautĂ© it in whatever I'm using for the rice, just in a separate pan. Last night I cooked the scallops in a frying pan with 1/2 tbsp of Oyster sauce (10 cals) and 1 1/2 tbsp of Kikkoman's Signature Teriyaki sauce (45 cals). As with the rice, you can just set it aside when it's done.  
For the veggies, I used 1 tbsp of whipped butter (70 cals) just to coat a large frying pan, and fried the onions until they were transparent. Then added the other veggies. I used a total of 4 tbsp of the teriyaki sauce (120 cals - you'll need less for less veggies), and sprinkled a bit of salt, pepper, and ginger on the veggies while I cooked them. 

When the veggies are cooked to your liking, use your spatula to clear a space in the middle of the frying pan, and then break your egg into it. Scramble it up a bit, and then mix it with the veggies. If you're combining everything, now is when you add the rice and meat to the big frying pan, and mix everything up. 

And voila - fried rice. This dish seems to be a surprisingly huge hit with children, considering how many veggies are in it. 

Mine, with scallops and without rice:
 That whole plate was about 450 cals. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recipe time!

First a few comment replies, because I'm bad at that. I have ADD. -_-

Sottile, I'm flattered you read the whole blog from the beginning! I apologize, as I'm sure lots of it is just mindless drivel. I did try to read everyone's blogs all the way through, but I'm following too many. :( Alas, there are not enough hours in the day!

And thanks for the poem love, ladies! I was nervous about putting it there, but it's the only halfway decent poem I've ever written...

Tracy, your warning about the glowing in the dark of the book came a bit too late. I got up to go to the loo at like 2.30 in the morning, looked down to find my slippers, and nearly died. That book is AWESOME, though, so thanks again for the recommendation!

LovelyBones asked how tall I am - only 5' 1", so even at 99 I'll still look normal I think.

Little One has a new blog - y'all should read it. :D

And for everyone who's having trouble with hitting a plateau, Starving Artist posted a great link: 5 Ways to Break a Weight Loss Plateau. I seem to have hit a nasty one - I've been sitting at 100 lbs for feckin ages.

Okay, recipe time. I made spaghetti squash and meatballs for dinner. I'm sure you can find a proper recipe for this, but I just got the idea and winged it.

You will need:
- 1 lb ground turkey (it was actually 1 lb 5 oz, I weighed it), 630 cals for whole 21 oz
- Tomato sauce (I just used Prego), 70 cals per 1/2 cup
- 1 slice bread (normally I would have used a low fat one, but we only had some fancy Italian bread that was a few days old), estimated 150 cals based on the nutrition label
- ketchup (I ended up using 3 tablespoons), 45 cals
- Worcestershire sauce (I used 3 tsp), 15 cals
- spaghetti squash (I used 2 medium-sized ones), between 40 and 50 cals per cup
- 1/2 small onion (minced with the Slap Chop), ~30 cals
- garlic salt, pepper, basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano, and marjoram
- 2/3 cup beef broth (you can use any kind of broth), 10 cals

Put the Prego in a crock pot and turn it on high. If you don't have a crock pot, just heat the Prego sauce in a big pot and let it simmer on medium-low heat. Soak the bread in broth for like 15 minutes. In a big bowl, combine the meat, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, minced onion, and soggy bread (squeeze a lot of the broth out) and mixed it up real nice (wash your hands first!). Then fling in the salt, pepper, and herbs until it smells nice. Next, make the meat combo into balls roughly 1 1/2 inches across. It made a total of 30 meatballs when I did it.

In a skillet on medium heat, quickly brown the meatballs just to sear the flavor in. Then put them in to cook in the Prego sauce. Leave that cooking in the crock pot or simmering in a regular pot on the stove for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. (Check it after 1 1/2 and test one.)

For the squash, cut it in half and scrape out the seeds and stringy bits, then bung it in the oven on 400 degrees Fahrenheit (~205 degrees centigrade). Let it cook for like an hour, then poke it with a fork. Use your best judgement to decide if it's soft enough. I left them in for like 1 hour and 20 minutes. After you take it out, let it cool a bit, and then use a fork to scrape the insides out into a bowl - it comes out like spaghetti. Serve it with the meatballs and sauce.

If I had used low cal bread, 1 meatball = 26 calories.


Monday, September 27, 2010

kiiiiiikiiiiiiiii maaaooowwwww

Lolz @ Eloise18 - yes, I suppose I am a bit manic. And it's not poor commenting. ;) I wish the fish got bigger when you fed them...

Fat Bastard - It wasn't really preachy, but I still don't think you get the fact that an eating disorder isn't just going to go away. I do appreciate that you're trying to be helpful, but "rational" and "sensible" just aren't possibilities within the eating disordered mind. And I'm not sure it's something you can truly understand unless it's actually happening to you. 

Peri wanted kitties, so here goes.........

This is Callisto:
She's a midget - only 6 lbs. And she's 13 years old, so she's a an old woman now. I named her after the hot blonde that killed Xena. As you can see, Callisto likes to sleep.

She also spends several hours a day cleaning herself, which means she yaks up quite a lot of hairballs. 

She likes rolling around on the carpet, and she will present you with her belly if you go near her. However, if you actually stop to rub her belly, she will probably remove your hand.

Callisto demands obedience. She also demands somewhere warm where she can nap. That means that as soon as you sit down, no matter where you are in the house, you will have Callisto in your lap. And you must pet her and scratch her and make a fuss of her, or she WILL find another lap to sit on, and give you a look that says, "you are unnecessary."

This is Daisy:

She's technically Little Sis's cat, but she loves me more. Daisy is 8 years old, and weighs about 16 lbs. Yes, she's quite fat.

Daisy likes to eat and sleep.
She especially likes to sleep in my bed. And she will not move, even when I'm trying to make my bed. If I really piss her off by removing her from the bed, she'll wait until I've made the bed, and then go unmake it. 

Daisy takes a lot of abuse, because unlike Callisto, you can get rough with Daisy and she'll just lay there and purr (whereas Callisto would scratch your eyes out).

I censored out Little Sis's face, but this is the sort of thing Daisy is subjected to on a daily basis. 

Daisy's also kind of a weirdo. I'll come downstairs in the morning and find her doing the strangest things:
Yeah, she was just sitting there in the box, hangin' out.

So those are my kiiikiiis. I love them and cuddle them and spoil them rotten. :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tracy, you really need your own blog so I can leave you comments.

You recommended the book Haunted - who's the author? I went to Borders yesterday and made one of the employees give me a list of every piece of fiction with that title so I could find it. I bought the one by Chuck Palahniuk. 'Tis awesome so far.

And I mean it about your own blog. ;)

I binged Friday night. Well, a binge for me, but probably a normal amount of food for a regular person at a birthday party. Ate a bit too much last night as well, but I know I didn't got too far over 1000 so it's not too bad. So my weight is back to hovering around 100. 

But I had that glimpse of 99, and am newly determined!! For the next week, I'm going to try and do strictly liquids. I MUST get at least close to 95 before my Friend's wedding.

I'll write some more later... I'm off to bring Mum a coffee while she sits at her open house! Aren't I a good litlte daughter?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.

I'm sorry I've been slacking on all your wonderful blogs. The number I'm following keeps going up, and once I miss reading for one day, all the blogs just pile up. :/

THE SCALE SAID 99 THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't like counting my dragons before they hatch, because I'll probably weigh 100 again for the afternoon weigh-in, but still. I had to tell someone. :D It doesn't become official until the scale says 99 for all three weigh-ins (morning, afternoon, and before bed). 

In Edgewater, NJ, there's this totally awesome supermarket called Mitsua. It's a Japanese supermarket, and they have a giant food court, plus there's the Shiseido shop next door, and a Japanese book shop, and a huge shop filled with fabulous Asian kitchen things, toys, stationery, and lots of other gorgeous little things. 

I bought some green tea (the proper super bitter Japanese kind), ginger salad dressing (25 cals per tablespoon), oyster sauce, and these soup packets:

Not Miso - it's that clear broth they give you at hibachi restaurants. Like an onion broth, I think? Three little packets of the broth come in each bag, and each packet is only 5 calories. 

I posted this on PrettyThin, but I need more advice so I'm posting it here, too. I have to do a research project for my psych class. My original idea was to do a project on divorce, and how it affects people in the long-term. For this I will need some volunteers whose parents divorced when they were younger.

But then last night I found out that like 4 other people are doing divorce as well. >:( I'm thinking of changing the project to research bullying in school - like the really bad bullying that scars you for life. I'm not sure which one I want to do, so I figure I'll do the initial proposal for both, and see which one I like better after that.

So if you were bullied or have divorced parents, I need guinea pigs!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You and your third dimension.... oh, nothing... it's cute.

Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes!! I get emails with every comment, and they get sent to my phone, so I was smiling all day long. :D

Good haul this year, I must say. Despite much protesting on my part because I know mum is short on money, she still spoiled me. I got a new Vera Bradley:


I've seriously gotta start selling the old purses on eBay. I get a new Vera Bradley every season, and then never use them again. I'm a wh*re like that.

Also got Season 4 of the X-Files, a collection of animated shorts by the Brothers Quay, and a collection of Jan Svankmajer's short films. We went out for a lovely dinner at Esty Street. Fancy gourmet food, and of course I ate too much: skirt steak with corn succotash, and squash instead of French fries, then a teeny bowl of bacon-and-maple flavoured ice cream. I had to try it. It was definitely weird, but it was pretty good. And needless to say, I felt ill afterwards because it was dairy.

Fasting today to make up for it, and also fasting tomorrow to prepare for the second birthday dinner on Friday. The fam is coming over, and a few friends. At least we're eating at home, so it'll be easier to avoid most of the food without drawing attention. I'm going to try and eat only the pheasant, and a tiny piece of my cake. Older Sis #2 is making me a crumb cake, and her crumb cake is sinfully delicious, so I have to have some.

Have a great day, y'all!! 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today is a good day for a birthday.

Thank you for the early birthday wishes, ladies! Y'all are such wonderful, beautiful people, and don't ever forget it!!!

So happy 26th birthday to me!! Please form an orderly line and leave your presents at my feet. Curtsy while you are doing so. And someone get me breakfast in bed (2 slices of turkey bacon and black coffee). Bring it to me on a nice tray - the kind with feet so I can sit propped up on my pillows and have the tray in front of me like a little table. A new tiara would be nice, too. Mine's looking a bit tarnished.

In honour of this most glorious day of my birth, I thought I'd share some of the guilt-free snacks I've stumbled across in the last few months.

I know I've shared this one before, but it's worth doing again. Calorie, carb, and caffeine free; and it tastes like an ice cream soda!

This is my breakfast every morning. Of all the turkey bacon in every grocery store I've been to, Butterball's has the fewest calories (30 per 2 slices). And it's yummy!

I just bought this yesterday and tried it for the first time this morning. I always got the hazelnut before, but they were out of it at A&P, so I thought I'd try vanilla. 

O M G.   My coffee tastes like it's been infused with cake icing. DELICIOUS.

A treat I sometimes have in the evenings. Only 20 calories per packet.

I love all things meat. These little scallops wrapped in bacon are only 190 cals per four pieces, and they actually taste awesome. I found them in the frozen foods section at Stop & Shop.

I love thick soups. This one is divine, and 90 calories per 1 cup. So that whole container is 180 cals, and it's a lot of mf soup. 

These are 130 cals each, and they're HUGE. 

These little babies are 110 cals per bar, full of fiber, and quite possibly the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. 

And now, let me introduce you to my dinner for Friday night:

He is about 150 cals per 4 oz. And he is really yummy. He shall be roasted with some black truffles and white wine.

Monday, September 20, 2010

All that I say and do is right.

Tomorrow (AHEM::coughcough::) is my birthday. I shall be 26 years of age, which means I shall be wiser than age 25. I am roughly the same weight I was this time last year. And it's pretty much the thinnest I've ever been, except for that brief time last summer when I got down to 98. 

I know I might feel differently about this 10 years from now, but I don't stress about getting older. Most of my friends get all stressed out, especially the ones that are turning 30 this year or next, but it just seems silly to me. Why bother getting stressed about your age? In another year, you are just going to get older AGAIN. And then again every year after that. Time will not stand still, nor will it throw itself into reverse. And Time seems to go faster as you get older, so you may as well stop wasting it and enjoy every year that is given to you. Make an adventure out of each day, for it could be your last. I'm not trying to sound pessimistic, but I've known too many people who lost their lives to random accidents and Acts of God. Embrace Hedonism! It is a thrilling way of life.

I got a new pedometer yesterday, finally. I used to have an awesome one that I got out of a Frosties box. It had Tony the Tiger on it and everything, but it vanished like 2 years ago. Watch me find it now that I've spent money on a new one.

I also got some comb-in pink hair dye, just for fun. Might do that later. I will of course post photos of the results. I got my orange hair dye for the Leeloo Halloween costume as well. I'll do a trial run of the whole costume and post it!

I was going to say something exciting and possibly profound, but I totally forgot. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Well that was relatively painless.

Thanks for all the moral support, gals! The visit didn't go too bad. Step-mom gave me a piece of apple bread that I had to eat because she watched me like a hawk, but then she told me how great and thin I look, so that made me feel slightly better. And she's a psycho about healthy food, so at least I can be pretty confident the apple bread wasn't made of just sugar and butter.

And then my little brother and his friends (there were like 8 kids in the house -_-) decided to make chocolate chip cookies. Little Bro #2 has the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag memorized, and he has "improved" it. Instead of the normal 1-tablespoon sized cookie, he uses a 1/3 cup measure to make giant leviathan cookies.

I ate like half of one immediately after it came out of the oven, so I could punish myself and eat at the same time. Good god, that burned; but it was good. Little Bro#2 ate some of my cookie, as well, so at least I didn't have the whole 400-calories.

Here's my family tree, before I try to explain how we all fit in: (click on it to make it bigger)

I think that's even more confusing, to be honest...
Made for some good craic growing up, let me tell you!

Ok so the reason I do not get along with my father is that he basically tossed me and my older sisters aside when he Found Jesus 10 years ago. It's like we don't matter anymore; only his current wife and their 2 children matter. When I go visit him, I get the feeling that they can't wait until I leave. Older Sis #2 feels the same way. And Older Sis #1, in England, hardly ever speaks to him. She used to be his favorite before Jesus became his bff.

I have nothing against religion. To be perfectly honest, I think they're all different versions of the same basic idea, and there's no point in arguing over something that is part belief/faith and part culture/tradition. It's just silly. We should all be able to believe whatever the heck we want to without worrying what other people think.

And Daddy believes I am going to burn in the deepest, darkest pit of Hell. The VIP section that Satan has reserved just for Catholics. 

Dad only calls when he wants something. Since I live like an hour away, he never calls me. Older Sis#2 lives down the street from him, and I see her more than  he does. His religion has taken over his life. And for all his righteous preaching, I certainly don't think he's the living example of Christ's teachings when he acts like the 3 kids from his 1st marriages don't exist. It's the hypocrisy that pisses me off - not the religion. 

So after visiting Dadum, I met up with Older Sis#2 and my niece at one of the nearby farms. (They live in Upstate New York). I was going to pass on the ice cream (obvs), but then Older Sis #2 is like, "you can eat their ice cream - the custard one doesn't make me sick at all, so it should be ok for you, too." 

And then she gave me that "stop starving or I'm gonna tell Mum" look. So I got a kiddie-sized soft serve pumpkin ice cream. It was pretty delicious, and a tiny cup, so I didn't feel too bad.

But I still ate like a pig yesterday, so I'm on a hard-core fast today. I've only had a cup of tea with a splash of skim milk, and some black coffee this morning. Going to work out, then go to the mall and get spray in hair colour for my Halloween costume, and think of a reason to skip dinner in front of Mum. I'll have to feign food-borne illness, or something....

Saturday, September 18, 2010


...I am going to visit my father.

Every time I do this, I feel like a prisoner heading towards my execution. I feel like I should be having my last meal right about now.

BUT I shall rise above these silly feelings, and just follow my mother's advice: hold still and don't make any sudden movements until it's over, then just pretend it never happened.

I don't think she had visiting my father in mind when she told me that, but I feel like it applies. More later, after the visit. Then perhaps I might explain why my father and I have lots of issues, if y'all are interested. It's not that exciting.

I didn't binge last night! Go me!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Last night, our prof kept us 20 minutes late again. >:(

The class next door was watching the Fellowship of the Ring. I could tell exactly what part of the movie they were at just by the music.

I downloaded the free version of the My Fitness Pal app onto my Palm, but I have yet to use it. Oddly enough, it doesn't work whenever I try to get it to log my activity. -_- Electronics rarely work properly around me. I must emit low levels of radiation or something. Other people have actually noticed the odd effect I have on computers, phones, fax machines, televisions, xerox machines, dvd players, cable boxes........ it goes on and on. My favorite was the time I went over to my cousin's house and immediately after I walked in the door, all the power went out.

It didn't go back on until I left. We tried the fuse box. And all the neighbors had power. It's just me.

The weekend is here once again! And once again I am hovering very close to 100 lbs. I've done awesome all week, there's NO REASON I can't do awesome all weekend. So far today I've had turkey bacon (45), and I'm going out walking instead of going on the treadmill. Must make use of the gorgeous weather before we get a freak heat wave. 'Tis clear and sunny out, and an expected high of 75 degrees. And god help me, I will get that Fitness Pal thing to work.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This is why I try to always turn my phone on silent before I go to bed.

4.28 AM

Me: [sleeping very deeply for once, thanks to some herbal remedies]

My Phone: [maximum volume, ~12 inches from my eardrums]

Me: [tangled in sheets, flailing, answering phone] Wha..?

My cousin Patrick: [in Ireland, where it is 9.28 AM] Um... Who's this?

Me: [ >:( ] ...Patrick?

Patrick: Hiya, cuz! I think I dialed the wrong number...

Me: I hate you.

Patrick: What time is it over there?

Me: It's half past four in the mf morning.

Patrick: [laughs like insane criminal {it's a family trait; we all do it}] Yeah, sorry about that. I meant to ring Aaron. [his brother] But sure you're always awake.

Me: I wasn't awake, no.

Patrick: Ah well it's good for you to get up early the odd time. HAHA!! [hangs up]

I love my family.

Yesterday was an excellent day, if I do say so myself. I ate: turkey bacon (30), V8 (30), coffee (20), egg (70), soup (60), almond milk (70), popcorn (100; I snuck it into the cinema), and roughly 100 for all the times I licked my hands while baking a cake for Little Sis's stepmother. (Aren't I a good sister?) Total of 480, and exercise got rid of about 600.

We get free movie tickets every Tuesday now with Optimum, so I went to see Resident Evil 3D. I'm not gonna lie. Milla Jovovich is hot.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Renaissance Faire, and Being Normal in Front of Normal People.

The New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo Park is not to be missed. I go every year (sometimes twice a year), and buy things I don't need, and spend way too much money in general.

Yesterday, I purchased:
- A necklace with a dragon on it, which I shall wear every day until I get bored.
- A pirate hat. Apparently I looked bad-ass in it.
- Soap and scented oils from Moondancer. I would have bought them at her shop in Sugar Loaf anyway, so I do not consider this a waste of money.
- A giant deep fried onion that even four of us could not finish.
- Sam Addams Oktoberfest beer.
- A Gandalf pipe.
The lady gave me free screens and tobacco, so you better believe I was smokin' that b*tch through the whole joust. Anytime someone looked at me funny, I declared, "'Tis the finest weed in South Farthing."

Yes, I know I am a giant nerd. And I'm proud of the fact that I've read all 3 Lord of the Rings books several times, and that I have all 3 extended versions of the movies memorized.

However, I did NOT buy any swords (:**O), funnel cake, period clothing, or this super awesome ship made entirely out of glass:

I noticed something while I was there with my three friends. When I'm with this one particular friend (we'll call her "D", for the sake of privacy), I don't think about food. I mean it's there, in the back of my mind, but I'm not obsessing over food and calories and weight every second, and freaking out over how I'm going to not eat in public. Instead, I just tend to eat like a normal person. And it doesn't make me anxious, or scared. Maybe because D is the sort of person who actually does not give a crap about how she looks, or how other people think of her. I spent pretty much all of yesterday not worrying about food at all, and just having a good time at the Ren Faire like any normal person.

It makes me wonder about myself, and if I ever recover from this. Will I have to stop hanging out with my other friends, like a recovering heroin addict has to distance himself from friends who remind him of drugs? The whole idea of that gets me nervous.

Of course, as soon as I got home I went straight back to refusing food and claiming I had eaten already when Mum asked what I wanted for dinner. I didn't want the whole day going straight to hell.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our god is a god of vengeance. And horror.

Mum couldn't find anything to watch on telly, so I convinced her to watch Oz, and set season 1 up on the dvd player. She's watching it. I feel so proud.

Best show that was ever on television. I can hear it from up in the living room, and I'm only just now realizing that I have most of the show memorized. I got addicted to Oz at the tender age of 12. I'm pretty sure that's one of the reasons why I'm so deranged.

Binged last night. (Duh - Friday!). Way too much peanut butter. At the end of the day I probably didn't go over 2000 calories, but of course it feels disgusting. Major treadmilling as soon as Mum is done.

I wish I had power over the passage of time. Like right now, I'd like to slow time down to an almost-stop, so I can read all of your wonderful blogs at my leisure. I'm following 130 now, so it's a lot to read in one sitting... And it's already 11.08 in the morning! I want to freeze time so I can read, go running for an hour, shower and dress, and then I'll let time start moving again.

Art project(!): Invent Time Machine. I'll add that to my to-do list. I have a Time Turner somewhere; I bet I can make it work with the right combination of magic, radiation, and awesomeness.

Today I Will:
  1. Go on the treadmill for 1 hour, and do the Total Gym for 25 minutes.
  2. Invent a time machine.
  3. Do the recycling.
  4. Take a picture from Alice in Wonderland to the bakery for Little's Sis's birthday cake (and I will be irritable every minute I'm doing it, because I was supposed to make that cake. Little Sis's lack of faith in my mad skills shall be severely punished.).
  5. Punish Little Sister.
  6. Think about calling my father, and perhaps go for a visit.
  7. Not call my father, and add it to my list for next weekend.
  8. Hike, because it's nice out. Finally!
I was going to put grocery shopping on the list, but apparently I have to cool it with that, as mum says I spend too much money. We split the grocery bills, since we both eat the food. I do all the grocery shopping, but pay alternately - i.e. I'll use my money on one shopping trip, and then use Mum's credit card for the next shopping trip, etc.

Alrighty, time to get moving.....

I will, I swear. I'll go be productive. !

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hair cut!

I went to the salon today.
I know. I look like a deer in headlights.

The new stylist is a huge bitch, but I like her. I had to follow my colourist to a new salon AGAIN. He has a problem with authority and keeps getting into fights with salon owners. And I feel like each new salon he goes to is twice as expensive as the last one. >:(

I will give up many material things in my time of unemployment, but I don't sacrifice my hair. I'll go bankrupt before I stop being blonde.

Thursdays are Mum's day off work, but thankfully I had the hair and then class at 6.00, so I was out of the house all day. I ate: sausages (90), soup (110), tuna salad (~150), a cappuccino and an iced coffee (100), juice (20), and almond milk (90). Total of 560, minus 450 after exercising. Woot.

That almond milk stuff is friggin delicious. I kind of want to do a day or two of strictly liquids - mainly a day of strictly almond milk.

I heart my new cell phone cover:

And the front is all covered in stars:

Hawt. And now I really REALLY need to stop spending money. Just stop.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I know I'm a little bit behind the times, but for real?

So some pastor in Florida wants to hold a "Quran burning" on September 11th. You know, to remember the fallen Americans and remind us that ALL Muslims are terrorists.

........... o.O

Are you people retarded?

I'm actually rethinking my views on evolution. Darwin's theories might have applied to animals and plants and junk, but definitely not to people. We seem to get dumber with each generation. Poor Jesus is probably turning somersaults in his grave with all the sh*ite being said and done in his name. That Florida thing is the worst I've heard in a long time. And I thought my father and his Fundie Friends were nuts!

On a somewhat lighter note, because I don't want to talk about that too much and start epic political/religious debates on my blog - yesterday was pretty good. Did 500 cals worth of exercise. And I ate: 1 egg (70), veggie salad (~80), almond milk (90)...

I had dinner issues because Little Sis wanted Hamburger Helper for dinner. And she went out and bought the only flavor of Hamburger Helper that I can eat: the tomato-basil-penne, which is the only one with no cheese.

I do no eat cheese at all, ever; so I thought that was very kind and considerate of Little Sis. That also meant I was pretty much obligated to eat it. I think I did ok, though. I cooked it with no butter or margarine or oil of any kind. The beef was 93% lean, and when I took my plateful I didn't take any pasta. We also had a salad, and I made some microwave veggies, so I used those to cover up the fact that I had no pasta. I'm pretty sure I got away with it. A safe estimate of total dinner: ~500.

I snacked last night on Skinny Cow ice cream (::slaps self::), so the total for the day was like 850.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Be Fat or Be Wasteful. Those are your only options.

I hate wasting food. I don't know if it's because I'm a hoarder, or because my parents drilled it into my head that there's starving kids in third world countries with no food so it's a sin for me to waste mine. Whatever the reason, I cannot throw food away in good conscience. If it needs to go, I'll toss it out on the lawn for the birds and squirrels. If it's something birds and squirrels won't or shouldn't eat, I'll take it out behind the shed to leave on the "compost heap" (read: food pile for the feeding of deer and foxes). But I can't just throw it away.

So I go grocery shopping a lot. I'm not sure if that's weird - someone who's obsessed with food and starvation wandering around in the Stop & Shop multiple times a week. It has brought something to my attention - while there are plenty of options for people so hungry they can consume 4,000 calories in one sitting ("Value Size" sodas, potato chips, bags of cookies...), there are no options for people who want to consume a little less than average.

Perhaps I do not want an entire gallon of syrup. Perhaps I do not want 4 hearts of celery in one packet. I would just like one heart of celery, because I don't eat all that much and the rest is going to go bad before I get a chance to consume it. It's the worst with the vegetables, I think. You just can't buy a small sampling of any vegetable - you need to buy the whole bloody farm. Those Odwalla smoothies, for example:

That chocolate soy protein shake is delicious, but at 440 calories per 16 oz. bottle, you better believe it's going to take me at least a week to finish it. And by the end of the week, it has gone a bit off. Why can't it come in 4-oz. mini bottles, that I might drink in a day or two?

Same with cans of soup - why can't they have some mini ones, for those of us who want to consume only 100 calories of Healthy Choice New England clam chowder for dinner? They do it with the cookies and crackers and things with the 100-calorie packs! Sure you might say just eat half the can of soup and stick the rest in the fridge to eat later. But maybe I don't want to eat it later. Maybe I don't want soup twice in one week. What do I do then? I have to throw it away.

It's bullsh*t.

Monday, September 6, 2010


This morning, approx 8.00 AM:

I was in deep comatose sleep (this does not happen often, but it's always between 4 AM and 9 AM if I manage to make it to Deep sleep). Kitty decided to come snuggle with me, as per usual.

Then I wake up to kitty making those awful chokey-retchy-grflrghfghdhBLEEEEEHHH sounds.

So, naturally, I hurled kitty across the room before she could vomit all over the bed. She has in fact vomited on my bed a total of FOUR times. I've lost count of how many times she's puked on the floor, but that's because I'm getting pretty good at throwing the cat far from the bed before she has a chance to yak on it.

And then SHE has the nerve to get pissed off!!

I think I did pretty well yesterday. Exercised 700+ cals off my fat arse, and ate around 800 (turkey bacon - 80, salsa - 20, fiber bar - 110, ice cream - 100, and a rough estimate of 500 for dinner).

Thanks to whomever sent in the anonymous email to my website, with the kickass story idea!!! I have started writing it already, but do not expect immediate results. As a writer, I pride myself on extreme procrastination. The whole story could take me between 2 days and 20 years to complete. I'll post some of it as it gets edited.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


It's Buffy the MF Vampire Slayer.

I love that Kristy Swanson has not aged. I would expect nothing less.

But the real reason I drove 4 hours (total of 8 by the time I got back) across the whole of southern Pennsylvania to get to Gettysburg was for this man:

Don't recognize Doug? Here's him with all his makeup on:

Most awesome f**king day of my life.

I couldn't find Bruce Campbell, which was somewhat upsetting. And Ted Raimi seems like kind of an a-hole, but then again I probably would be too if Sam Raimi was my older brother and as a child I was left in the care of a teenaged Bruce Campbell. Yikes.

Even though today was a binge-fest as well as horror-fest, I can't even get properly upset about it.

Yes, I am that sad and yes, I did get that friggin excited about meeting Pinhead.

The bulk of the binge took place at Wawa. I can resist many things; Wawa is not one of them. Lunch involved sandwiches ordered and custom-assembled via touch-screen. They're putting heroin in their sandwiches. I'm fairly certain of this. And I stocked up on Wawa Diet Lemonade Iced Tea. There's some serious smack in that as well.

Back to work tomorrow! Turkey bacon breakfast and since the fam is doing our usual Sunday evening barbecue, NO CARBS AT ALL tomorrow!! Serious work-out, too. I finally have seasons 4 and 5 of Oz, so at least I'll have something new to watch while I run on my hamster wheel.

Goodnight, my lovely nightwalkers. Or daywalkers if you're living down under. And I hope anyone who's living near Christchurch, New Zealand is ok after that earthquake! My aunt and uncle and a bunch of cousins live there and they said 'twas massive.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I would say TGIF, but I'm unemployed so it's like every day is TGIF.

I've been doing well this week. Yesterday I ate: turkey bacon (75), a tuna salad (~150), iced coffee (50), soup (220), and cold cuts (50), for a total of about 545. And I burned roughly that much working out. Still hovering around 100lbs, but at this point I probably shouldn't lose too much before Halloween. I bought the Leeloo costume (:D !!!!!), and it's custom made. If I lose too much between now and the end of October, I won't fit in it. Also, Mum is starting to get on my case again about my weight, so I figure if I hover here until it gets cold, then I'll be ok. Once the nice lovely winter weather kicks in, I can start losing more and cover it up with fashionable sweaters. 

I feel like I'm wasting your time because I have nothing epic, clever, or humourous to write. 

But imma keep writing because I MUST write something every day. I have writer's block (AGAIN!!!) and have not written any fiction since the Jersey Shore trip. Anyone have any fun story ideas? Give me an interesting idea and I'll run with it and turn it into a short story!!!  And don't feel like you can't because you're not creative. That's bollocks. Everyone can be creative if they try.

I think Mum's cleaning lady might have eating issues similar to my own. I say "Mum's cleaning lady," because I don't think we need a cleaning lady. We can barely pay the mortgage, and it's not like cleaning the house would be difficult. But Mum is a princess and has never cleaned or done chores in her life (she likes to talk about her difficult childhood in the boonies of Ireland, but that is very inaccurate - we do come from the boonies, but back then, the Henrys were the wealthiest family in the town and Granddad made sure his girls never had to do anything for themselves).

Don't get me wrong - I love Bettie. I try to help her out when she comes every other Thursday, so she can leave earlier and thus hopefully have more free time to herself. She is also trying to teach me how to speak Portuguese, so that I might one day go crash in her house in Rio, free of charge. 

But Bettie is very very skinny. And yesterday, when I was making my turkey bacon breakfast and asked her if she wanted some, she said yes but only one piece. Then she scraped the inside out of a bagel and broke her piece of turkey bacon into tiny pieces to make a stunted sort of sandwich.


If she hadn't scraped the inside out of the bagel, I probably wouldn't have noticed anything odd. But that seems like "disordered" behavior.

In other news, Rhea the garden spider seems to have slaughtered 17 insects in one night. She is still sitting in the middle of the mammoth web, surveying her glorious realm. I have to wonder if she is the same spider who built the masterpiece outside our front door earlier in the summer. That web is multi-dimensional, and covers the whole of the outside light. Genius! The spider who created it apparently bit off more than she could chew, though - she abandoned the web after catching every moth in a 50-mile radius. Over-crowding is an understatement. I'd take a photo of what's left of the web, but it doesn't come out right as the entire thing is pretty much covered in the carcasses of flying insects. Ew.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hello to new facebook friends!

And speaking of making new friends:

This is Rhea. She is a Garden Spider. She's been living in the shady corner where the deck meets the house, and has been there for about 10 days. 

Garden Spiders rule because every evening, they build these giant ridiculously elaborate webs, sit in the middle of the web all night, and then take the web down in the morning. Then they build a new web the next evening, and so on.

Rhea, unlike the rest of her brethren, does not build a new web every day. She creates such glorious feats of architecture that she just leaves them up. She hides during the day, and then goes out to sit in her web every night. 

And then on Wednesday afternoon, her web was destroyed. The young lad who comes to mow the lawn took a leafblower to Rhea's web. I cried. I thought Rhea - a Titan among spiders - was gone forever. 

But no. In retaliation, she built a web that is about ten times as large as the old one, and twice as awesome.

I think maybe I should have gone to college for biology or something.